Claims for personal injury caused by defective products

T. Rees & Co in Bexleyheath have recovered compensation for claimants injured as a result of defectively manufactured products.

Defective products resulting in successful claims include claims relating to cycles, toys, cosmetics, medical products, food products, vehicle and property heating systems and hair dying products.

Examples of our work

The injuries sustained by claimants we have represented include permanent scarring, hair loss, skin pigmentation damage, orthopaedic injuries including serious fractures, laceration scars, soft tissue and psychological injuries.

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T. Rees & Co in Bexleyheath can cover the costs of obtaining experts’ reports to test products and identify defects.

We can also recover compensation for the following:

  • The cost of replacing or repairing the damaged product.
  • Loss of earnings whether employed or self employed.
  • Loss of bonuses, allowance & holiday entitlement
  • Loss of overtime earnings.
  • Loss of future earnings.
  • Loss of pension.
  • An award for handicap on the labour market where an injured person could find it more difficult to obtain alternative employment if they were ti lose their job.
  • Damage to clothing & work equipment.
  • Medical treatment costs including medication, physiotherapy, osteopathy, private operation costs, chiropractic treatment cost and the costs of any disability equipment.
  • Care awards for people who looked after an injured claimant.
  • Loss of amenity for claimants who are unable to carry out or fully participate in pre-accident hobbies or sport.
  • Compensation for the additional cost of holidays as a result of the claimant’s injuries.
  • Compensation for loss of enjoyment of holidays or holiday cancellation costs.

Further relevant information about defective products is included in the Legal Blogs Section relating to defective products, care award claims and settlement offers in personal injury claims.

Specialist representative in claims involving injury caused by defective products.

With many years of experience, T. Rees & Co in Bexleyheath is the perfect choice for representation in an accident caused by a defective product. We provide home visits for all claimants in Greater London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, East & West Sussex. We can also represent claimants living anywhere in England or Wales. All work is undertaken on a no win no fee basis.

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