Severe Personal Injury Claims

T. Rees & Co in Bexleyheath has represented claimants who have sustained a variety of serious injuries including: brain injuries, serious orthopaedic injuries including multiple displaced fractures resulting in permanent loss of mobility, severe soft tissue injuries as well as serious psychological injury claims. 

T. Rees & Co can represent seriously injured claimants and recover compensation for the following:

  • Past loss of earnings including bonuses, commission and loss of profits.
  • Future loss of earnings up to projected retirement age.
  • Loss of pension entitlement.
  • The cost of professional carers.
  • Care awards for gratuitous care provided by family members, partners or friends.
  • The cost of adapting the property for disabled use including the installation of stair lifts, lifts, the adaption of kitchens and bathrooms for disabled use, the installation of ramps, wheelchair accessibility adaptions, and additional costs associated with relocating to a single storey accommodation where appropriate.
  • The cost of adapting motor vehicles for disabled use.
  • Additional food or transport costs.
  • The cost of past medical expenses including all painkillers, physiotherapy treatment costs, osteopathy, chiropractic treatment and private operation costs including medical insurance policy outlays.
  • Compensation for the additional cost of holidays as a result of the claimant’s injuries.
  • Compensation for loss of enjoyment of holidays or holiday cancellation costs.
  • Future cost of painkillers, medical treatment costs and other projected medical expenses on a lifelong basis.
  • Award for handicap on the labour market when an injured person could find it more difficult to obtain alternative employment if they were to lose their job.
  • Marginal net loss of furture earning is an injured person earns less following the accident. An award can be made up to the projected date of retirement of the claimant where appropriate.
  • Compensation for any future likely deterioration in the claimant’s symptoms.
  • Compensation for loss of amenity where the injured person has to give up sporting or leisure interests, or where the enjoyment of those interest is reduced as a result of injuries sustained.
  • Compensation for the additional cost of holidays as a result of the claimant’s disability.
  • Compensation to cover the cost of mobility aids such as wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs.
  • Cost of past & future travelling expenses.

Further relevant information about severe injury claims is included in the Legal Blogs Section relating to care award claims and settlement offers.

Specialist representative for Severe Injury Claims.

With many years of experience, T. Rees in Bexleyheath are the ideal choice for representing claimants who have been seriously Injured. We provide home visits for all claimants in Greater London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, East & West Sussex. We can also represent claimants living anywhere in England or Wales. All work is undertaken on a no win no fee basis.

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