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Personal Injury Claims – How to Win and Avoid Own Goals

It is important to try to avoid making it easier for an insurance company to avoid paying a claim. Where a claim includes a claim for loss of earnings, the insurers will often refuse to pay a claim where a claimant is unable to provide proper evidence of their pre-accident earnings and loss suffered as…

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electic scooter

Electric Scooters

E-scooters have become increasingly popular during the past ten years.  They are now a familiar sight on roads, pavements, in pedestrianised shopping areas and on public footpaths.  Many people who use electric scooters mistakenly believe that they can legally be used on public roads, pavements, footpaths and other public spaces including car parks and shopping…

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dog bite injury claims

Dog Bite Injury Claims

I have recovered compensation for a number of claimants who have sustained dog bite injuries. The Animals Act 1971 imposes a strict liability on a keeper of an animal for damage done by that animal. The keeper is defined as a person who owns the animal or has the animal in his possession. In dog…

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Settlement offers

Settlement Offers in Personal Injury Claims

Settlement Offers in Personal Injury Claims The Civil Procedure Rules which govern the way personal injury claims are litigated allow the parties to a claim to put forward offers of settlement.  The Rules allow a claimant or defendant to put forward an offer of settlement of a personal injury claim prior to a court hearing…

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