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Settlement Offers in Personal Injury Claims

Settlement Offers in Personal Injury Claims The Civil Procedure Rules which govern the way personal injury claims are litigated allow the parties to a claim to put forward offers of settlement.  The Rules allow a claimant or defendant to put forward an offer of settlement of a personal injury claim prior to a court hearing…

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Care Award Claims

Care Award Claims In many personal injury claims, a claimant would have sustained injuries that prevent them from carrying out activities that they were able to undertake before they were injured.  A claimant may not be able to do the cooking, shopping, housework and may have difficulty with other basic activities such as toileting and…

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Personal Injury Claims Arising Out of Road Traffic Overtaking Accidents

PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS ARISING OUT OF ROAD TRAFFIC OVERTAKING ACCIDENTS I have dealt with a huge number of successful personal injury claims arising out of road traffic accidents.  In many cases, liability is admitted at an early stage because the circumstances of the accident clearly show that the injured claimant wasn’t responsible for the accident.…

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Personal Injury Compensation Claims for Pedestrians

PERSONAL INJURY COMPENSATION CLAIMS FOR PEDESTRIANS I have dealt with a large number of compensation claims involving pedestrians injured as a result of accidents involving cars, vans, buses and motorcycles.  I have recovered compensation for adults and children who have been injured whilst crossing roads at pedestrian crossings, next to road junctions, crossing roads where…

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