Fatal Accident Claims

T. Rees & Co in Bexleyheath has recovered compensation for the partners and other family members of people who have been killed as a result of an accident which was not their fault.

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We have dealt with fatal accident claims arising from road traffic accidents, accidents at work and clinical negligence.

We have recovered compensation for:

  • Funeral expenses.
  • Travelling and medical expenses.
  • Bereavement awards for the partner or family member of the deceased. “The Fatal Accidents Act 1976 defines who is able to claim a bereavement award.  Section 1(a)(2) of the Act states that a wife, husband or partner of the deceased can apply for an award.  Section 2(a) of the Act states that where a bereavement award is applied for by a partner, they must have been living with the deceased in the same household for a continuous period of two years prior to the death of the deceased. The Fatal Accidents Act also allows a child under 18 to claim for a deceased parent but unfortunately the Act does not allow a brother or sister of a deceased person to claim and does not allow an adult child to claim for a deceased parent or for a parent to claim for a deceased child. The bereavement award is currently fixed at £15,120.”
  • Compensation for pain and suffering suffered by the deceased prior to death.
  • A dependency claim for anyone who was dependent on the deceased for services or financial support to include a lump sum to compensate for the loss of projected earnings of the deceased.
  • The loss of projected earnings / pension.

The following category of claimants can pursue a fatal accident compensation claim:

  • A husband/wife or former spouse of the deceased.
  • A person who has co-habiting with the deceased for a period of at least 2 years prior to the deceased.
  • Someone whom the deceased maintained prior to death.
  • A civil partner or former civil partner of the deceased.
  • A child or dependent of the deceased.
  • a parent of the deceased.
  • A person who the deceased treated as a child.

Further information about fatal accident claims is included in the Legal Blogs Section relating to care award claims and settlement offers.

Specialist representative for fatal accident claims.

With many years of experience, T. Rees & Co in Bexleyheath are the perfect choice for representation in a fatal accident claim. We provide home visits for all claimants in Greater London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, East & West Sussex. We can also represent claimants living anywhere in England or Wales. All work is undertaken on a no win no fee basis.

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