“Very happy with the insurance claim Tim took on on my behalf after being hit by a car. He patiently guided me through the process, was clearly a stickler for the details and I was pleased with the amount I received. I would recommend.”

JB – pedestrian road traffic accident

“Tim is the best injury lawyer around. I’ve had a great experience with Tim who presented my experience in such a thorough professional way given my state.  I am super grateful for the outcome.”

ZR – slipping accident claim in a supermarket

“Excellent compensation solicitor, excellent service with good result.”

Roadworks had been taking place at the accident scene. There were two defendants, the utility company responsible for the manhole cover the claimant tripped on and another company that had carried out resurfacing work to the road where the incident occurred. The claimant accepted an offer of settlement just before the trial of the action.

RD – Tripping accident claim where liability was defended

“I want to thank you for your hard work – it’s much appreciated.  You certainly done the best you can for me. Was very helpful all the way through to the end and was very determined to get what I deserved.”

RH – Claim relating to a defective cycle

“I would highly recommend T. Rees & Co. Thank you for your hard work.”

AA – Accident at a supermarket caused by a defective display shelf

“Tim Rees & Co has been outstanding for me and my family for our case, which has been going on for a five long years. Tim took the time to come to our home and met with my husband after his accident to thoroughly review our case, and even though the odds of success seemed pretty slim, Tim agreed to take on the case despite very minimal evidence and against ALL odds. The defendant and insurer denied any liability, all we had to work with was a negative report from the courts and the negative attitude of the police regarding the accident. Nevertheless, Tim stood by us through it all. The past five years were a very stressful and challenging time for the family, and at times that we thought all hope was gone, however Tim’s support and advice kept us going. Tim explained to us the possible pros and cons of the case, highlighting how the constraints of the law could affect the case or work in our favour. We are so impressed that Tim went above and beyond for such an extended period of time, and now in October 2023, we have arrived at a successful conclusion of the case, and that is only due to Tim’s knowledge, wisdom, expertise, advice and tenacity throughout the years on spent on the case. Tim definitely provides a unique service without which people like us would lose out or be denied the opportunity of contesting a case because of financial constraints. Thank you very much to Tim Rees & Co for all your help!”

Liability was disputed in this case. Court proceedings were issued and a liability agreement was subsequently concluded. T. Rees & Co prepared an application to the court for approval of the liability agreement and represented the claimant at the court hearing and concluded a settlement of the claim following a joint settlement meeting with the defendant’s representatives. The settlement was invested in a personal injury trust to protect the claimant’s right to receive means tested benefits.  A substantial care award was also recovered for the benefit of the claimant’s family.

LN – Brain injury claim following pedestrian road traffic accident

“Thank you so much Tim.  You have done a great job”.

AA – Accident caused by defective shelf at supermarket

“I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to you for getting my claim resolved with a good outcome I would not hesitate in recommending your service.“

JC – Tripping Accident

“Hello Tim, thank you so much and I will certainly use you again if the need ever arises and recommend you.  Have a great weekend”.

AH – Accident caused by defective speed hump

“I was injured by an uninsured driver who knocked me over when the car drove onto the pavement.  Tim got compensation for me from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau who didn’t offer me anything until after Tim had arranged for court proceedings to be issued.  I was then made two offers of settlement which I rejected on Tim’s advice.  I was happy to accept a final offer – great result.”

CW – Pedestrian accident caused by uninsured driver